Help refugees find peace of mind, by attending one of our new Yoga for Ourmala community classes

Yoga for Ourmala is a new, regular public community class that will be held at various studios across London – full schedule below.

When you attend one of these classes, the proceeds will help refugees across London experience the gift of yoga. The participating yoga studios have very kindly agreed to donate all money from their community classes to Ourmala to help us with our mission.

Many of our clients are recovering from atrocities such as torture and sexual violence in conflict and experience acute physical and emotional pain, such as anxiety and depression, insomnia, low self-esteem and feelings of hopelessness. A lot of our clients tell us that being part of the Ourmala community and practicing yoga gives them a much-needed sense of belonging and helps them towards rebuilding their difficult and disrupted lives.

Please take a look at the Yoga for Ourmala schedule below.

Thank you for reading and caring and we hope to see you on the mat at a Yoga for Ourmala community class soon.

If you can’t make any of these Yoga for Ourmala classes, then please do still go along to another class at one of these yoga studios – your support of these studios will allow them to keep supporting the important work of our charity.

Schedule of Yoga for Ourmala classes

lululemon athletica
Click here for more info on the lululemon classes

The Life Centre, Notting Hill
17.30 – 18.30, Mondays. Class taught by Zephyr Wildman (all levels)

The Life Centre, Islington
18.30 – 19.45 Wednesdays. Class taught by Lisa Sanfilippo (Vinyasa Yoga, Level 1-2)

Click here for more info on The Life Centre classes

The Shala, West Norwood
Click here for more info on The Shala classes

Hotpod Yoga, Brixton, Hackney and Notting Hill
13.30, Sundays
Click here for more info on Hotpod Yoga classes

OURMALA helps refugees and asylum-seekers rebuild their lives and integrate. Most are recovering from atrocities such as torture, sexual violence in conflict and human trafficking, registered with the UK Home Office.

Three essentials we provide:

A safe space to breathe and stability through Yoga.

Access to critical services, such as housing, legal aid and healthcare.

Help fulfilling their potential.

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  • WHY YOGA . . .
    “I have no one. Pain, it goes after Yoga. I sleep, feel hope. Thank you so much.” – H.
  • WHY YOGA . . .
    “Yoga helps me concentrate for English. Sometimes, I’ve bad feelings about past. Yoga helps me forget bad things and relax.” – C.
  • WHY YOGA . . .
    “In Yoga I found love, peace and happiness days. Thanks. Yoga is fantastic wonderful is happy is light in the dark life. Is friendly is love. I’m different is peace inside. Thanks a lot for your time, your patience.” – K.
  • WHY YOGA . . .
    “I feel positive and hope keep practicing Yoga every day. I will have a good night’s sleep, less panic attacks.” – S.
  • WHY YOGA . . .
    “It relaxes my mind, de-stresses me and I found out that with consistent practicing, I will be more flexible.” – O.

The Mala Initiative

Join the inspired community committed to helping our mission — a special project by Ourmala

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