We provide a safe space to breathe and heal for people who are refugees and asylum-seekers, including survivors of trafficking and modern day slavery. Specialist trauma-informed yoga, a welcoming and supportive community plus other wrap-around services.

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Take part in Warriors for Women 2018 and let your practice help people who are refugees and seeking asylum, including survivors of modern day slavery. 

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OURMALA helps refugees and asylum-seekers rebuild their lives and integrate.
Most are recovering from atrocities such as torture, sexual violence in conflict and human trafficking, registered with the UK Home Office.

We offer:

A safe space to breathe and stability through trauma-informed Yoga.

Access to critical services, such as housing, legal aid and healthcare.

Help fulfilling their potential through English classes and more.

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  • WHY YOGA . . . “Before, with this worries inside me… But after yoga, I walk on the street, I’m feeling free with no bad things inside me or in my heart.” – K
  • WHY YOGA . . .
    “I have no one. Pain, it goes after Yoga. I sleep, feel hope. Thank you so much.” – H.
  • WHY YOGA . . .
    “Yoga helps me concentrate for English. Sometimes, I’ve bad feelings about past. Yoga helps me forget bad things and relax.” – C.
  • WHY YOGA . . .
    “In Yoga I found love, peace and happiness days. Thanks. Yoga is fantastic wonderful is happy is light in the dark life. Is friendly is love. I’m different is peace inside. Thanks a lot for your time, your patience.” – K.
  • WHY YOGA . . .
    “I feel positive and hope keep practicing Yoga every day. I will have a good night’s sleep, less panic attacks.” – S.
  • WHY YOGA . . .
    “It relaxes my mind, de-stresses me and I found out that with consistent practicing, I will be more flexible.” – O.


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