Aleppo and Christmas in London for refugees

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Reading about #Aleppo in The Telegraph today… War makes my stomach tight and adrenalin starts to pump. I was on the cusp of asking my Habibi if he would consider taking three months off to volunteer with Doctors of the World UK. Instantly came back to my day job Ourmala where we help people forced to become refugees resettle in London. We had been in a lovely cafe & then went to the equally lovely Christmas #Hygge market put on by Wallpaper* magazine in #kingscross. I couldn’t stop thinking about the babies, children, mothers and fathers – everyone, in fact – out in Aleppo right now. This video is a knee jerk reaction. In no way complete or satisfactory, #real if nothing else… 

If you want to help people who are refugees, you can now. I am, as are all the people volunteering for my charitable foundation, Ourmala, & everyone who is supporting us. It doesn’t have to mean donating money. You can watch more about what we are doing here:

By Emily Brett, Yoga Teacher and Ourmala Founder


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