Alone & Together – today is the last chance to see this stunning and highly recommended exhibition

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Today is the last chance ever to see the brilliant Alone & Together exhibition by acclaimed British portrait painter Juliet Wood.

Doors close at 4.30pm
If you have the opportunity, we  couldn’t recommend it more highly. Menier Gallery, 51 Southwark Street. Especially good with an iced latte from Borough Market (just round the corner)…

“These paintings are of simple human interaction,” says Wood. “In our ever faster moving world I sat still in one place and recorded many, many separate moments for over a decade, gradually bringing them together in a series of paintings.”

The connection with Hackney Yoga Project is three-fold:

1. The collection shares its primary themes with Yoga: essence and form, stillness and movement, relativity, commonality, difference and interconnection

2. Hackney Yoga Project runs a very modest cultural programme, enabling the refugee and asylum-seeking individuals we work with to attend museums, exhibitions, etc. This summer, we paid for the transport of a number of the students to attend the Alone & Together private view.

“It is such a wonderful exhibition,” said Z., one of Hackney Yoga Project’s students. “I find that looking at the paintings, I feel part of this city, not so alone. I love the colour and movement in the paintings, and there are funny bits.  I love the title, Alone & Together.  We are always like that as humans…”

3. Wood is the mother of Hackney Yoga Project’s founder Emily. Juliet Wood is 74, has been a professional artist all her life, is dedicated to her form (painting) and also happens to have five children, 10 grand children and three great grand children, to whom she is equally dedicated.


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