Beads not Bullets in pictures at last!

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Beads not Bullets in pictures at last!  Thanks again to all those who came along and made it such a brilliant day, making a stand against violence and oppression whilst having a great time, practising yoga and stringing beads to make malas. A mala is a necklace with 108 beads used for meditation and prayer. And massive thanks to Eleanor for her beautiful pictures and editing.

Some of these malas will be on sale this Sunday 23 March at gogoyoga on Columbia Road, at a community class being held in aid of Hackney Yoga Project. Starting at 4.30pm, the class will be taught by yoga teacher and Yoga London course leader Holly Warren. Read more about Holly in this feature from The Stylist The class will be on a pay as much as you like basis. Every penny will be spent on refunding the cost of travel to enable more refugee and asylum-seeking women to get the benefits of yoga.

Gogoyoga is part of Team Mala — our nickname for the growing group of yoga teachers in London holding public classes in the community in aid of Hackney Yoga Project. Gogoyoga’s weekly class will be at 4.30pm every Sunday.

Our Mala Programme is one of the ways we’re aiming to generate income sustainably. By getting involved as a teacher or coming to a class, you’re part of Team Mala! If you’re a teacher, find out more here. If you’re looking for a class, join our Facebook page and keep an eye on the Twitter for the latest news.

So this Sunday, as the flowers get cleared away on Columbia Road, step into the tranquil gogoyoga, join Team Mala yourself, and make your yoga practice go further.

Read more about gogoyoga here

Read more about the Beads not Bullets day here.

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