Celebrating 25 years of The Life Centre

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There’s a lovely story of the Buddha walking down the road with his attendant Ananda, and Ananda asks the Buddha…’Friendship is very important on the path isn’t it?’ And the Buddha replies, ‘Friendship IS the PATH’

This is the story that Sandi Sharkey, The Life Centre yoga teacher, uses to describe what the studio means for her. It’s the perfect compliment to celebrate their legacy. The Life Centre has been one of Ourmala’s key supporters since 2017. This autumn, they are celebrating their 25th anniversary. We’d like to send a huge thank you to everyone at the Life Centre and in our shared yoga community for all your love, support and friendship.

In 2017, over 450 people in London who are refugees and seeking asylum accessed Ourmala’s yoga programme. Because most of the people we work with live below the poverty line, all of our classes are free for them, with the refunded cost of their travel. This is only possible by joining forces with like-minded individuals and organisations in the community. The Life Centre has been an amazing partner and taken considered action that has allowed us to fund our programme. This has created a rippled effect of positive change for the lives of many people.

Every week, the Life Centre hosts a class in their Notting Hill centre, led by Zephyr Wildman, and one in its Islington centre, led by Lisa Sanfilippo in support of Ourmala. Inspired by the story of the Buddha, we’re reminded that all great things are built out of relationship. Thank you to the participants, the teachers, and you ~ all part of our community. Because of each and every one of you, our work is possible.

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