First, our thoughts are with you and also those affected by the Coronavirus. We wish you the very best and hope that you and your loved ones stay healthy.

At OURMALA, the safety and health of our people always comes first. This includes those our charity exists to support, who are seeking asylum or have refugee status (our 'beneficiaires') as well as our volunteers, staff, partners and colleagues and friends in our community.

We are committed to taking all actions necessary to prioritise the safety and health of our beneficiaries and team and to delivering our charitable objectives to the best of our ability throughout the time we are also responding to the Coronavirus risk.

We aim to resume delivery of our usual charitable activities as soon as we are confident it is right to do so. Meanwhile, we will draw upon the resourcefulness, experience and good spirit of our team to support our beneficiaries and one another.

A complete timeline of actions taken will be posted shortly.

Our work will be even more needed than ever when we open our programmes again. If you may be interested in supporting our work, please see the links below.

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