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One of the children we worked with. Photo by Natasa Leoni

This week, we have been busy planning a new project designed to get people seeking international protection in the UK (refugees and asylum-seekers) food vouchers and other essential items. This would initially be for those who attend our community yoga programmes in Greater London.

This project has come about because we understand, having been in communication with this group, that they are extremely isolated and lonely and most depend on foodbanks, which are increasingly overcrowded and sparse on the food front.

The people we serve at OURMALA are extremely vulnerable at the best of time, many are suicidal and have severe depression and PTSD and while COVID 19 presents a threat to public health, we want to do all we can to prevent them having to go to crowded places, increasing their risk of catching the virus and protect their safety and health as far as possible.

When ‘lockdown’ has been lifted, we would like to have played a part in giving them the best chance to be able to get out and see people again rather than be further isolated.

Through this project, we also intend to seek to identify any other COVID-related needs and ascertain whether we can help.

Please note that this project is in the initial planning stages. We have begun talking to potential partners and funders. Whether we are able to deliver this or not will depend on funding. Watch this space for updates and how to donate.