Double your money, make someone really smile

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From 10am October 14th, the ‘Local Giving’ online donation platform is doubling all donations up to £10, so a tenner becomes £20. If you’d like to donate more, why not set-up a direct debit and for six months (tenner a month), Local Giving will double it. You give £60, Ourmala receives £120!

Where my gold going?
We spend every penny of your money directly on providing our service, so none on admin. £10 = one refugee / asylum-seeking woman gets to practice yoga for two weeks. £60 means she can practice for a whole term. £120 for two terms.

Watch the women here taking about how much yoga helps.

Yes, it’s actually really easy.  Donate now. You will feel good for doing it. We are pretty sure it will make you smile. If you would like to prove it, we always love hard evidence. Share the love, help us serve more, post a picture of your smile on Facebook / send us a tweet. #growyourtenner #ourmala

Step-by-step how to

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