Elatt hits the mat! Or, why we love Mondays (:

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Monday morning, bright and cold, Hackney City Farm, sunlight streaming through golden trees… fire lit in the wood-burning stove, yoga mats unrolled… Our first session with Elatt’s Welcome Club.

Yoga asana followed by pranayama and practical tips for relaxation and reducing stress and anxiety. Then a walk around the farm with donkeys cavorting in the paddock, a line of Indian runner ducks following two important-looking fat white geese across the yard and pigs slumbering in hay.

Elatt’s Welcome Club offers a space for women to meet and befriend other local women within their neighbourhoods and get support in their first few months in the country.

Hackney Yoga Project exists to make yoga accessible to survivors of human rights abuse. We provide the classes for free and refund the cost of travel. If you are seeking asylum (read: sanctuary), you are not legally allowed to work so cost is the main barrier to participation for our service users.

One of the ways we raise funds is by running yoga sessions for other organisations and the general public, all profit from which directly enables our core group to practice yoga.

We love this way of working as it makes practical sense, and it also directly illustrates how the action of one person can directly – positively – affect the life of another.

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