Hackney Yoga Project wins funds from UK National Governing Body of Yoga

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Great thanks to the British Wheel of Yoga for awardingHackney Yoga Projectfunding from its new Equity Fund.

The funds will contribute to developing the Hackney Yoga Project pilot.  For example, providing bus fares for those who would not otherwise be able to join us.

Today, one woman travelled two and a half hours by bus from south-west London to join the East End project based at Hackney City Farm.  Not all that want to attend can afford the bus fare.  Some of the women on our waiting list are destitute – not ‘street homeless’ but living off hand-outs from friends and charity.

Fiesty lamb (aged four hours) crosses boundaries at the farm.

As Sport England‘s National Governing Body of Yoga, theBritish Wheel of Yoga aims to encourage greater participation both in yoga in general and in the Wheel itself, amongst minority groups.

The new Equity Fund was established followingresearch conducted by theBritish Wheel of Yoga in 2010 on how the charity could improve its approach to including minority groups in yoga activities.

Practicing yoga at Hackney Yoga Project doesn’t just mean performing poses on the mat in  Hackney City Farm’s straw bale room, overlooking bluebells and wild tulips…

Today yoga also meant having hot seasonal soup and fresh bread, with the other refugee and asylum-seeking women, laughing at Hackney City Farm’s new born lambs, and making wishes on the wishing tree in the garden.

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