Happy Baby Community


Mums at our partner charity Happy Baby Community have survived some of the humanity’s worst atrocities, including years of repeated physical, sexual and psychological violence, and have endured long, dangerous journeys to seek safety in the UK. All they want is to give their children a better life. A life free from violence and abuse. Sadly, as asylum seekers and refugees, these young families have never before been so unkindly viewed.

Often forced to live in desperately poor conditions, sharing a tiny room with a single bed, isolated in an unfamiliar country and exposed to overwhelming negativity, these young families struggle with unbearable loneliness and despair.

OURMALA delivers Yoga and English classes at Happy Baby Community in North and South London.

    Happy Baby Community offers a safe, happy place for the mums and children to meet and play. The importance of this cannot be underestimated, without family or friends to support them, Happy Baby Community is the only place for many mums struggling to confront and overcome their experiences of torture and human cruelty to feel safe and make new friendships.

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