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By Emily Brett, Yoga Teacher & Founder/CEO Ourmala

Life LOVES it when you offer it all your fear. You know when a cat starts purring? The more fear and anxiety and unhappy feelings you give Life, the more Life purrs.

Try it! Then live today as if you had no fear.

If you wish, you might like to:
– Write down all your fears and anxieties then burn them as an offering.
– Put one hand on your heart and the other on the ground or an object. Imagine that as you breath out, you can truly let go of any fears or anxieties you are ready to let go of into the ground or that object.
– Draw your fears on paper then draw a box around them so you can *see* they are not you, they are only passing visitors.
– You are your own best teacher, what are your ideas?

Yoga is the antithesis of an exercise in rumination / trying to rationalise… It is practical. Along the line of Nike’s JUST DO IT! Yoga is the practice of being as conscious as possible in any given moment of the day.

How? By practicing staying connected to your breath. (Quite hard.) That is why  yoga is a lifelong practice: a systematic yet personalised exploration of consciousness.

Enough! Now, all eyes on the breath…  Have you offered your fears to Life? What are you waiting for? Don’t overthink it, just do it. And if this prospect is making you uneasy, consider throwing Life just a tit-bit of one of your fears, see how much it purrs and notice if you feel a tiny bit lighter in your heart.

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