MD of Crowdfunder spotlights our project at a Nesta event on social value and gives a big THUMBS UP!

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MD of Crowdfunder Phil Geraghty said today that he “absolutely loved” our crowdfunding project Yoga for Refugees and feels it “epitomises what crowdfunding is”. AND we’ve reached 67% of our project target!

– Back our project now by following the link and clicking the big orange FUND IT button!

– Share the URL with everyone you know and ask them to FUND IT too. The project closes on November 22nd so please act now.

Our project is mentioned 13.52 minutes into the video above so if you’re short of time you can just fastforward to there / see transcript below.

The Nesta event was called ShareLab: social value in the collaborative economy
It brought together over 200 policymakers, entrepreneurs, innovators and researchers to better understand how public services, civil society and the private sector can engage with, develop and harness collaborative platforms for good.

“Emily’s working with refugee communities to help them integrate into British life, to help them get over some of the anxiety and sleep issues they have when they come over. And yoga’s just a really simple way of doing that. She’s right at the cutting edge of how society is dealing with an issue like this and as such funding for an area like that can hard as people don’t understand it fully. But the ‘crowd’ [that’s YOU!] is ahead of the fundraising industry, which I think is really interesting.”

Do you reckon we can achieve our target of £7,200 by the weekend? 
Ourmala has been built from the ground-up with the scarcest of resources and the attitude has always been, no idea if this is going to work but let’s give it our best!

We want to help more people seeking asylum and refugees change their suffering into strength and integrate into our society so that they can contribute and lead fulfilling lives.

Thank you so much in advance for your generosity and support!

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