Pop-up yoga under the trees in aid of refugee women – YES PLEASE!

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Pop-up yoga under the trees, which also helps refugee and asylum-seeking women living in London? It’s a no-brainer! The brilliant teachers at Yoginomics are holding these sessions (6.30-7.30pm) every Wednesday eve till 20th August as part The Mala Initiative (all gen below…).

Where? Museum Garden next to Bethnal Green Station. It’s in between the Museum of Childhood and the church on Cambridge Heath Road. Click here for a map.

Who? Beginners to yoga ninjas – all welcome.

How? Join the Facebook event and book your patch of grass here or simply turn up on the day and we’ll see you on the mat! Bring a mat (there will be a couple of spares available), towel, water and comfy clothes.

Donate as much as you can! Suggested donation is £10 but totally up to you… Every penny will be donated to Hackney Yoga Project, and we’ll spend it all directly on putting on free yoga classes for refugee and asylum-seeking women.


The Mala Initiative

The Mala Initiative is a growing and vibrant community of yoga teachers committed to helping our mission of changing lives through yoga.

We serve refugee and asylum-seeking women living in London, most of whom have fled for their lives from their homelands (or were brought here against their will). Atrocities such as torture, human trafficking, sexual violence in conflict and FGM are common experiences.

They say that yoga seriously helps.

Our goal is to give these women strength through yoga, to help them move on with their lives and leave despair behind.

Being part of The Mala Initiative means that you believe these women deserve a fresh start, and that you’d like to help turn-up the positive in life – theirs and yours.

Our wish for teachers working with us, is that they find the experience personally and spiritually fulfilling, have a really great time along the way, meet like-minded new friends, and that the work supports them professionally. Come and join us!

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