Refugee Children in the UK Need Your Help

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This is Toby, one of the children who comes with his mum to a weekly group for women who have been trafficked or tortured and are seeking asylum in the UK and have little ones. The group’s run by Lucy from The Helen Bamber Foundation. From January 2016, Ourmala will be joining forces with The Helen Bamber Foundation, offering Yoga, essential English lessons and more.

The group has already grown to nearly 40 women and we have a number of new referrals for 2016. For these amazing women, this is the only time they have the opportunity to be in a group where they feel safe and supported and where their children can play with other children.

For this reason we have set up small appeal on Crowdfunder, to enable us to grow the group and the support that we can provide. Toby and his mum live on £36.95 each a week. If you can send this onto anyone you think might be able to help, we would be hugely appreciative.

We also want to help out with some warm things and some toys for the children this Christmas and there is a little wish list on Amazon.

If you were able to support us in any way that would be wonderful. Toby and his mum live on £36.95 each a week. If you can send this onto anyone you think might be able to help.

In case you were wondering, the ‘more’ that we’ll be doing includes helping the women get any other support they need, such as healthcare and housing. Those who are more settled, we will be encouraging to follow their aspirations, such as further education.

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All at Pig Pen HQ

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