Sixty young people flashmob for Ourmala!

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In late September, 60 young people hit Hackney with Ourmala’s first massive yoga challenge and flashmob.

“I really enjoyed it!” said T., one of the young participants. “I didn’t realise that yoga had so many physical and mental benefits.”

The group was part of the National Citizens Service (NCS) annual ‘The Challenge’ programme, where young people build skills and confidence whilst helping their local community.

The group took part in two BIG yoga classes taught by volunteer yoga teachers and two myth-busting presentations about refugee and asylum seeking issues.

“This is the first time I’ve seen this group of young people look so peaceful,” Grace Harris, Senior Assistant Programme Manager at NCS The Challenge.

They also organised their own flashmob of the 60 young people in Gillette Square! The point of the flashmob was to promote a brilliant campaign funded by the Cabinet Office called Grow Your Tenner – see below for info.


Yoga and myth busting

“A key aim of the day was to dispel some of the myths about refugees and asylum-seekers the media bombards us with,” says Danielle Keene, Ourmala’s project coordinator. “We also raised awareness of how yoga can help refugees and those seeking asylum, where common experiences include atrocities such as, torture, sexual violence, human trafficking and female genital mutilation (FGM).”


Grow Your Tenner

You donate £10 via online giving platform ‘Local Giving’ and they’ll make it £20.

To put this into context, £20 would refund the travel for four women enabling them to come to yoga.

Want to grow more than £10? A six month direct debit for £10 + Local Giving’s £10 matched funding means that Ourmala would receive £120! That’s travel refunds for 24 women!


Special thanks to our volunteer yoga teachers, Leah DavisPatty Dobson and Hilary PerkinsForest Road Young Hackney Youth Centre for hosting us, and all NCS’ The Challenge participants. Thanks also to Refugee Youth Project (RYP) who ran one of the day’s excellent presentations.


More pictures from the day on our Facebook and Twitter.

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