Cancellation policy

A refund (minus a 10% admin fee + any PayPal fees incurred by OURMALA) will be made for cancellations made more than 28 days before the start date. For cancellations less than 28 days before the course or workshop there will be no refunds or transfers unless:

  • we are able to transfer your booking to another participant or,
  • you are sick/injured/pregnant and can provide a doctor’s note

In these cases, we will refund the fee, minus a 20% admin fee + any PayPal fees incurred by OURMALA. All clients are asked to agree to OURMALA terms and conditions upon booking on to the training.

If a training course is cancelled, you will be offered either a cash refund or the option of being transferred to an alternative event.

We are unable to give refunds in the case of cancelled transport (trains, aeroplanes etc). Please ensure you take out relevant insurance to protect yourself against this.

Refunds are not possible to be made retrospectively. If we have not heard from you by 24 hours following the end of a training course, we will not be able to process any refunds. We reserve the right to cancel a training course for any reason, though we will endeavour only to do so in the event of exceptional circumstances that mean we are unable to offer the training course as advertised, or if there are, in our opinion, insufficient numbers booked onto the training course for it to be commercially viable. Should this happen, we will notify you promptly and will refund you the full £ (sterling) amount you have paid us in respect of the training course. We will not, however, be responsible for any additional expenses which you may have incurred in respect of the training course, for example in respect of travel, accommodation or any exchange rate losses.

Release of Liability

By booking to attend an OURMALA training course, you agree that:

OURMALA is not responsible for the safekeeping of your personal belongings during your participation in the training;

Elements of the training may be physically strenuous and you participate in them voluntarily, understanding that there is risk of personal injury;

It is your responsibility to inform the teacher(s) of the training if you have any injuries or health conditions (including pregnancy, suspected pregnancy or childbirth within the preceding three months) and to abide by their decision as to whether all or any part of that training is appropriate for you; Neither you nor your heirs, assigns or legal representatives will sue or make any other claim of any kind against OURMALA, its employees or agents, or against the teacher(s) of the training in respect of any loss or damage which you may suffer or incur or as a result of attending that training, whether caused by negligence or otherwise, save only to the extent that liability in respect of such loss or damage may not be excluded or limited by law.