Under the canopy of stars, it’s up to us to create social justice…

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Under the canopy of stars, it’s up to us to create social justice…

– by Emily Brett, Founder/CEO Ourmala


I was always afraid of saying what I truly meant and following the dreams in my heart.

And then one day, made-up of worlds of moments, I found I could step forward without faltering.

IF I kept listening to my heart like you listen to the ocean when you hold a shell to your ear, if I am ruthlessly honest, if I get out of my own way.

IF I forgive myself and pick myself back up when I fall down.

I remember, in tears on retreat in India my meditation teacher said to me, sometimes the quietest people have the most important things to say. My actions (words come cheap) at Ourmala are no more or less important than anyone else’s but to me they’re important. I’ve nearly lost this precious life more than once, lost precious people from it quick as cloud wipes out sunshine and life seems to me the most exquisite, rich and ‘unfair’ experience.

Under the canopy of stars, it’s up to us to create social justice if we care and this plus compassion and kindness is what Ourmala stands for.

Innately invisible qualities of life we can make real. The reason I care so much is because while we all live in relative existence, my deepest experience is that interconnection (of everything) is ever-present and just as real too. Releasing tension from the body and mind through yoga/meditation clears the crud out of the way so your nervous system picks up signals not just from your internal and immediate outside worlds but from more of LIFE in its totality too.

What seems to happen along the way is that fear can rise-up inside and the narrative can be so convincing but actually it’s just tension surfacing and disappearing like when bubbles rise to the surface of water and pop; and the after effect is more peace. And what seems to happen is that the more tension/fear dispels, the more you just realise how precious this life is and how precious one another are and how really there isn’t anything more important than deeply looking after oneself, each other and our planet.

I love this photo taken in Atlanta, Georgia last week at lululemon athletica’s ‘Here to Be’ summit by Phil Sanders, and from someone who used to cry with fear when anyone looked at them as a child they were so shy, I’m pretty happy about this.

Wishing you happiness, peace of mind and the courage to live the dreams of your heart.



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