What we stand for


OURMALA exists to help refugees and asylum-seekers recover from the atrocities they have experienced and rebuild their lives. We stand for compassion, interconnection and social justice.

We believe in aligning our hearts, minds and actions and working together to achieve our mission.

Mala means ‘garland’ in Sanskrit, the ancient Indian language in which Yoga’s seminal texts are written. Yoga is a practical philosophy that centres around the simple concept that everything is interconnected.

Is a world where refugees and asylum-seekers can lead happy, healthy, fulfilling and dignified lives.

Is to provide immediate and lasting change for refugees and asylum-seekers through therapeutic care, educational services and access to critical resources.

Our service will expand to respond to the critical refugee crisis and will support refugee and asylum-seeking women, men and children. We will always respect the gender-based violence most of these women have experienced by providing single gender classes.

Non-violence, truthfulness, non-stealing, self-control, non-greed, cleanliness, contentment, discipline, self-study and devotion.

Our approach to dealing with everyday life?

Remember to breathe.

Chin up and choose love rather than fear, as we say at OURMALA.

Breathe long and deep, as Hamish Hendry says.

Practice, practice, practice and all is coming, as Guruji says.

We cultivate happiness for those who are successful, compassion for those in pain, joy for the virtuous and impartiality to the unvirtuous, says Patanjali (sutra 1.33), which mirrors Buddhist teaching.


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