OURMALA yoga at your workplace gives yoga to refugees all year round.

OURMALA yoga in your workplace is a great idea all round. Employers get even happier and more productive employees. Employees get a great yoga teacher and all of the health and wellbeing benefits of yoga. The teacher gets paid a fair wage. And, simply by choosing OURMALA as your  workplace yoga provider, you make a really positive difference in the local community.

For Employee Assistance Programmes, OURMALA brings the  unique blend of a professional team, serious results for employees and corporate social responsibility achieved.

How it works
With each yoga class OURMALA provides in a workplace, we can give up to six yoga sessions to someone who is a refugee or seeking asylum in our local community. This may be a woman or man just like you, who’s been through hard times at no fault of their own, and we also work with young people and babies. Our clients have suffered tremendously and tell us that OURMALA’s yoga classes are a lifeline.

We have been delivering serious results through yoga in the community since 2011. Our team of yoga teachers are bright, well qualified and experienced in delivering yoga programmes in a range of organisations and in partnership with well-loved names such as the NHS and British Red Cross.

Benefits of yoga
As you probably know, increasing evidence shows that yoga can improve strength and flexibility, release tension, back and neck ache, improve posture, focus, generally result in you feeling more upbeat and reduce employee absenteeism.

If you would like to find out more or discuss how OURMALA yoga for the workplace could fit into your employee wellbeing programme, please drop us a line using the form below.

“The OURMALA workplace yoga has worked out amazingly. Finding the time for yoga either before or after work has always been my trouble, but having the yoga at the work place has allowed me to fit it in. The lessons are perfect for all abilities and the teacher has been brilliantly supportive.”

“Very explanatory and great teacher!”

“Really good for a middle-aged man of limited flexibility! I don’t feel left out.”🙏

“Pia has been a great teacher”

Photography: Elizabeth Lies


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