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Huge thanks and a deep bow to Yogamatters, the brilliant supplier of everything you’d ever want to do with yoga.

Last week Yogamatters made an extremely generous donation of mats, blocks and belts to Hackney Yoga Project – a very happy surprise for participants on their first day back after the summer break and a shining example of yoga practice off the mat.
One the main aims of this pilot project is to make yoga accessible to one of the most marginalised and under-represented groups in the UK – refugee and asylum-seeking women.  We want to see what the barriers are to individuals participating and what can be done practically to address them.  We are also carefully monitoring the effects of yoga on the group.

Blocks and straps: big help
The individuals we work with have all experienced violations of their human rights and profound trauma, which generally make the body very stiff.

Blocks to sit on and straps to help stretch the limbs can really help ease pain and tension.  The new turquoise mats raise the spirit, especially when the dappled light falls in through the glass doors of Hackney City Farm’s straw bale building, making the colour glow.

So from everyone at Hackney Yoga Project, thank you so much!
And for anyone that doesn’t yet know Yogamatters – brilliant shop, excellent and ethical products and very lovely people.  The team comprises yogis from all walks of yoga life, all committed to providing the best customer service possible and to trying their best to protect the planet.

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